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Pinemeadow Golf Command Q4 Titanium Driver

Pinemeadow Golf Command Q4 Titanium Driver

(as alternative to the TaylorMade® R7 Driver)

Pinemeadow Golf Command Q4 Titanium Driver

Manufacturer: Pinemeadow Golf

Model: Pinemeadow Golf Command Q4 Titanium Driver

Compares to: TaylorMade® R7 Driver

Our Review: The updated Command Q4 Driver by Pinemeadow Golf is based on the legacy of the TaylorMade R7 Quad with it's four adjustable weights. The Command Q4 Driver includes 2 six gram tungsten weights and 2 four gram steel weights pre-installed, and the position of the weights in the club head determine ball trajectory. A weight set-up tool is available on the Pinemeadow Golf website HERE.

We tested this driver with the different weight combinations, and the flight pattern of the balls did vary according to the adjustment - in other words the adjustable weights do work. However, you need keep in mind that this club will not correct your swing faults - you still should take lessons for that - but it will raise or lower the trajectory of your ball flight, or induce a slight draw or fade, depending on your needs and how you position the weights. The driver presents itself as a very well built and good looking club, it sounds good and is easy to hit. Compared to the currently popular, huge 460 cc club heads the Command Q4 Driver with its 400 cc seems a bit small, but in fact it still is big compared to how drivers looked like just a decade ago or so. It is available as a 14 degree version, which is perfect for beginners and players with slower swing speeds (i.e. Seniors). A separate Lady's version is also available: the Command Q4 Ladies Titanium Driver by Pinemeadow Golf.

The Command Q4 Driver is one of Pinemeadow Golf's most popular clubs ever, which is evident from over 100 customer reviews on the club's website.

Likes: Great performance and great looks; also available for lefties; great value for money.

Dislikes: Nothing bad to say. The club even comes for lefties!

Link to Product Details: Pinemeadow Golf Command Q4 Titanium Driver

Comment By: Greg Fender - Posted on 2008-07-29
As a golfer who had given up on carrying a driver, I thought for the price, I would give the Q4 a try. I ordered a 14* and after a couple of balls into my net, I headed to the course. Every drive but one found either the fairway or the first cut of rough (and there were only 2 in the rough). All I can say is I was thrilled. The larger head instills confidence, the adjustable weights were spot-on for a higher launch angle. I love this club!

Comment By: Jason Miller - Posted on 2008-07-15
i like the 400cc version. it seems easier to swing than the 460cc drivers i've tried. The club looks great. I got with a UST shaft and upgraded grip, and I couldn't be happier. I have the club set up for a draw and most of my shots are now straight and 10-15 yards longer than with my old driver. Goodbye Slice!! Great club at a great price.